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When urban retail water suppliers (URWS) are educated and informed, everybody wins. At ACM, a major part of our work is dedicated to promoting information on the latest tools, strategies and regulations that affect water suppliers across the region.

Our seminars, presentations, application trainings and product demonstrations ensure that our customers have all the information needed to make the most of the solutions we provide. Through education, we help maximize the safety of our products, minimize time spent on maintenance and installation, and promote the most efficient use of new technologies.

At ACM, our goal is to promote cleaner drinking water, a healthier environment and conservation of our shared natural resources. We empower water suppliers through knowledge, so they can make the best decisions for the present and future of water use in our region. When our water suppliers are well informed, we all benefit.

  • CEU Training: leadership, consultation and programming to help URWS staff earn Continuing Education Units (CEU)
  • Product application training: hands-on demonstrations of when, where and how to use new and innovative products
  • Installation and maintenance training: on-site presentations allowing employees to interact with new products to ensure smooth installation and maintenance
  • Safety training: demonstrations for field operators and technicians to maximize safety and minimize workplace accidents
  • Local and state regulations: updates and explanations of new mandates affecting Southern California’s water suppliers

To inquire about our education programs or request an on-site training session, please contact us using the form below: