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Innovative Solutions for Water Conservation in Southern California

We provide water suppliers with the tools and knowledge needed to protect our natural resources while providing safe, clean water to millions of customers.

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What We Do

We provide education, sales and support to water suppliers around the region. Contact us below to set up a training session, informational meeting or support order, or visit our About Us page to learn more about what we do.


We conduct training seminars, demonstrate new technologies and raise awareness of regulations affecting urban retail water suppliers (URWS) throughout Southern California.

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We represent companies and products on the cutting edge of environmental technology, from hydrant shear prevention to advanced leak detection systems.

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Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end with a sale. We can provide the support you need to keep your conservation equipment working around the clock.

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The companies we represent offer innovative, game-changing products that address water suppliers’ most complex challenges. For more information on our full range of products and technologies, visit our Solutions page.

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